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We are expert at selecting and shipping products but we are not health specialist. If you suffer from a severe medical condition and are thinking of using Medicinal Cannabis, have a look at the websites listed here. we will keep adding links as time goes on and you are welcome to suggest some as well.

Phoenix tears
the story of Rick Simpson who cured his cancer

B.C. Compassion club society
Experienced and dedicated peoples who can help and guide you about the use of Cannabis to treat serious conditions.

Bitcoin related links: to learn what is bitcoin? how does it work?

Get started with bitcoin:

Tutorial by a bitcoin specialist on a few important steps.

How to buy bitcoin in Canada using Interac :

Tutorial by a bitcoin specialist on how to buy bitcoins using interac and your online banking.

Canadian Bitcoin currency Exchange:

Here is a Canadian currency exchange who follows the federal banking guidelines, This means that your security is insured by the same laws than your bank. You deal with them to buy bitcoins that you transfer immediately into your personal bitcoin wallet. You finally use these bitcoins to shop at mail order dispensary or any other stores that accepts bitcoin (thousands of stores around the world and web).

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